DRUPAL: How To Use dnsBL and RBLs

Most of my recent yammering about using DNSBLs to block spammers, trolls and other riff-raff has focused on using the DNSBL with Mod_security rules and IPTables firewall which requires either a dedicated server or at least a VPS – leaving all you shared-hosting users out in the cold to fend for yourselves..

But Drupal users in shared-hosting environments rejoice and fear not! You can easily incorporate some of the fun and function of these DNSBLs too! You won’t have the same ability to totally drop their packets but you can block the posts that they make or redirect them to an error page.. Here’s how:

The Drupal TROLL module will not only allow you to block IP’s of users or other IP’s that you add to the block-list, but it will also make-use of DNS Blacklists (DNSBL) to prevent the spammers/trolls, etc from making any posts. They can still read your pages, they just can’t make posts. To use the DNSBL option in TROLL, install as usual, then on the DNS BLACKLIST tab in the configuration page click the “Enable Operation” checkbox and specify how many blacklists the IP must appear on before being “blacklisted” (1 should be plenty).

By default the Troll module uses dnsbl.sorbs.net, bl.spamcop.net, dnsbl.njabl.org, cbl.abuseat.org, & sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org. I would be careful with some of those – particularly spamcop.net and the sbl-xlb.spamhaus.org list. I would change sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org to XBL.spamhaus.org and maybe replace the others with some from my favorite black lists. Remember – be careful. I dont think the Troll module will log when IP’s are blocked so you wont have a good gauge of who is being blocked.

The other way which you can use instead-of Troll or in addition-to Troll is one of my other favorite Drupal Modules, Bad Behavior. The newer version of BadBehavior includes httpBL support from ProjectHoneyPot which will catch/stop a lot of spammers and trolls. The Drupal BadBehavior module is no longer officially supported by the Author, but the community has been doing a good job at patching it and keeping it current. To get the newer versions of BadBehavior to work with Druapal and also enable httpBL support read-through this page at Drupal: Updated For BadBehavior 2.1. If all the posts in that thread are too much to follow, I have the fully-patched (with updated whitelists) version and I’d be happy to ZIP/gZIP it up and send to anyone that needs it.

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