Keep Track of What You Break!

Do you make a lot of changes to your site?
Do you realize later that you broke something?
Do you pull out your hair because you don’t remember exactly what you changed days or weeks ago?

..yah, me too.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve made a bunch of changes, installed new modules, change my Apache config, deleted modules, etc, then find something broken days or even weeks later. What’s more frustrating is remembering “i know I changed something.. I just can’t remember exactly what!

There is a easy way to avoid this frustration: Keep a simple “change-log” of everything you do. Create a txt file and keep in a handy location – like on your desktop. Every time you change something, jot it down in the file. For example:

Dec 12 9:50AM - changed Boost-module cache settings to 9-hrs
Dec 11 10:20pm - changed PHP.INI memory_limit = 16M to memory_limit = 32M

It’s simple and free, and I can’t tell you how many times it’s saved my butt.. I also can’t tell you how many times i’ve kicked myself for being lazy and NOT recording something in my changelog file and realizing days later that something is broke and I can’t remember what I did to break it.

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