Drupal: Search for users by eMail address

This Drupal tip is probably obvious for 98% of Drupal admins out there – but I’ll post it here for that 2% that have no idea that searching for users by email address is possible/so simple. I used Drupal for over 2 YEARS before I stumbled on how to do this!

To search for a user by email address:
In most themes, you can simply leave the ‘search box’ empty and hit the SEARCH button. This will bring you to a search page with a ‘content’ tab and a ‘users’ tab. Simply enter the email address or partial email address in the search field in the ‘users’ tab, and press search. No need for special wildcard characters. For example, to list all of your users with Hotmail addresses, just type in ‘hotmail.com’.

That’s it!
Happy Christmas everyone and I hope that Santa brings you what we’ve all wished for – much traffic and earnings!

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