Cootsinnovationregister .. Yah.. Cootsinnovationregister !

Crazy FaceAfter what I thought was a flawless Drupal integration with Facebook, after a day or two I ran into one problem: Cootsinnovationregister

For some reason, when visitors did a Facebook “Like” or “Share” on some pages, instead of posting the page title and description to their Facebook wall, only the word “Cootsinnovationregister” would be posted. Google turned up very few results for the word Cootsinnovationregister, and it certainly had no obvious meaning to me.

After a little troubleshooting with the Facebook Linter tool, I was able to narrow down and resolve the problem. It seems that with Mod_Security enabled, Cootsinnovationregister was being returned as the Page Title and Description. There was no mention in the Mod_Security logs, and I don’t know if the ‘Cootsinnovationregister’ string is particular to just my site or all sites/servers using Mod_Security – but if you are having the same problem and came here via Googling “Cootsinnovationregister”, here is the fix: Whitelist all of Facebook IP’s in Mod_Security and Facebook will then be able to correctly access and read your webpages, titles, and page descriptions – no more Cootsinnovationregister! If you have trouble getting the Facebook server IP’s (there are several!) hit me up via my contact page or on my Facebook page, and I will be happy to send you the entire list.

UPDATE: After much obsession and digging, I finally found the real cause of this issue: We have a custom Mod_security rule that detects a specific kind of invalid header. Because this type of invalid header configuration is a common trait of spammers and because so many bots hit the server with this type of header, all logging and auditing was disabled. Instead of blocking requests with this invalid header, we re-direct them to our HoneyPot.. Which has a page title of, you guessed it, “cootsinnovationregister”.. It turns out that the Facebook servers also have this ‘invalid header’ and were getting redirected to the honeypot. Because we already had some of the Facebook servers whitelisted, but not all of them, the issue was intermittent.

Chances are you will never see this issue with the specific wording that I was seeing, but it is possible that you would see something similar – Facebook pulling incorrect page titles and descriptions..

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