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MailTechnically this isn’t a “Mailbag” question because the question was posted in a comment and not sent to me via email or my Contact Page, but it brings up a good point so I thought I would share the question and answer here for everyone to read. After-all, I can’t really go around preaching about how to be successful without mentioning my own success at least once in a while, right?

Longtime readers of my blog may remember that in the past I would post quarterly or yearly updates on earnings and traffic, but for various reasons I have done that less and less. Fortunately none of those reasons were because I (or my websites) were no longer successful – am I still proof that a little-guy that does not know much about building websites, SEO, or marketing CAN BE SUCCESSFUL ON THE INTERNET!

Anyway – here is the post/question by CPVR from VirtualPetList.Com:

… Are you going to do more things to your blog this year? It would be nice to hear about your earnings from last year to this year – and how well you’re doing with Adsense and kontera.
I used to remember checking out your blog and finding it motivating to see more success.
Or, also, have you thought about talking about Grownupgeek’s latest success? Like, how is it doing traffic wise?

Am I going to do more things to my blog this year? Probably not. The new (current) look should last me for another year or two before I get bored with it, and still no plans to add any advertising to the blog. That should make my blog one of the very few “make money on the internet” type blogs that does not have any advertising on it. (I hope you guys appreciate that – tell a friend!)

Over at my main website, GrownUpGeek.Com, Adsense, Kontera, and now IDG TechNetwork all did very well in 2010. Kontera had some ups & downs (aka, very bad months), and Adsense had some record-high months. I started using IDG TechNetwork in mid 2010 and it turned out to be the real surprise of the year. Although IDG TechNetwork earnings were slightly lower than Kontera earnings each month in 2010, beginning in 2011, IDG Tech has overtaken Kontera, and is now earning more than double what Kontera earns each month. Overall earnings for 2010 were right at $60k – that is more than double 2009 which was a record bad year for earnings..

Adsense was the highest earner in 2010 with approx 70% of all earnings. Kontera brought in approx. 15%, and IDG Technetwork brought in about 5%. Various affiliate sales (Comission Junction, Plimus, Chitika referrals, direct ad sales, ect) rounded out the balance with an approximate combined 10% of earnings.

Traffic in 2010 was slightly lower than 2009 – but just barely. 2010 brought GrownUpGeek.Com just under 5.5Million page views, while 2009 had a whopping 6Million page views. So far in 2011 traffic is 10% higher than at this point in 2009, so it looks like 2011 could be another record year.

Here is to a successful 2011 for all of us! (even if it is a bit late)..

4 thoughts on “MailBag: What about MY success ?

  1. Thanks for taking the time out to answer this Randy.
    What made you switch from Kontera to IDG Technetwork? Did someone contact you about the new network, or did they contact you personally?

    And also – are ads from IDG technetwork faster than Kontera’s?

    Also – very nice to hear that your websites are still growing – its a great sign, and I thank you for all the articles and helpful tips that you’ve provided us over the years.

    1. I didnt switch from Kontera to IDG Technetwork, i ADDED IDG Technetwork, so i am using both.
      IDG Tech ads are banner/flash ads, and they do appear to be faster to load than Kontera’s inline-text ads. There was a short period a few months ago when the IDG Tech ads were loading very slowly, but it only lasted a few days and seems to have cleared itself up.

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