Hangin With The Adsense Team

As part of the Adsense In Your City program I got a chance to meet with several members of the Adsense Team today.

The team reviewed a few presentations and talked about several new & different ways to optimize websites for increased earnings and also presented a few tools such as Google DFP for Small Business and Adsense for Search Ads-only (now renamed Custom Search Ads). They also answered several questions from the group and even cleared up a few rumors and misconceptions.

After the presentations every publisher in the group got 15-20 minutes of one-on-one time with an Adsense team member to review and optimize our sites. My team-member (“Jane”, far left in the photo at the bottom) gave me a few suggestions and ideas during my one-on-one optimization time which I’ll be testing over the next few days.

The Adsense in Your City program is a great way for Adsense publishers to give feedback to the Adsense team, get those burning Adsense questions answered, and even meet other local Adsense publishers. Be sure you Opt-In to receive notices from the Adsense team (Adsense account|Personal settings) so you can get notified if/when the Adsense team comes to your area.


3 thoughts on “Hangin With The Adsense Team

  1. Hi Rand, thanks for this info. Can you please tell us some example of rumors and misconceptions which they cleared up? I am curious. 🙂 Have a nice day and keep up good work.

    1. There was a lot of discussion about “Adsense Premium Publishers” that can customize their ads and have a dedicated Adsense contact person. The group wanted to know what it takes to qualify as a Premium Adsense publisher, etc. The Adsense people confirmed that there is no such thing as an “Adsense Premium” account program. They DID confirm that many very large publishers DO have a Google Adsense contact person and can customize their Adsense units more than ‘regular’ publishers -but it’s not a “program” – there is no set limit of impressions/traffic required, etc. It’s simply a matter of when the Adsense team thinks it makes sense to reach out to a large publisher, they do.. but, not always. The team also confirmed that real “humans” DO work at Adsense and not everything (like banning accounts) is always automatic/without human review, but they were very tight-lipped about that subject.
      The Adsense team also clarified and re-iterated that they have no communication with the Google Search team. In other words, if you get a Google-slap for having a shitty/spammy website and you (and Google) start losing income because of it, the Adsense team is powerless to do anything. Google Adsense and Google Search are two separate business entities and for reasons that are obvious to me at least, they do not, and can not work in cahoots.

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