Why I Had To Leave Kontera

When I sent my written notice to Kontera informing them that I would not be renewing my contract and would soon be removing Kontera from GrownUpGeek.com, my account rep. replied with dismay – it seemed that she could not understand what would be driving me to make such an irrational decision. So not even taking into account or mentioning that fact that I had to notify Kontera in writing.. At least 30 days in advance before I could remove the Kontera tags from my site without repercussions (I know, I agreed to it, in writing – but that does not mean I like it), I replied that it was simple economics. The fact is, for about the last year or more, Kontera earnings have been on the downswing (read: earnings have sucked!) and I’ve grown tired of the assurances from my Kontera rep that “it’s just a temporary downswing across the industry” or “we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up for the 2nd quarter – now hurry and sign your 1-year contract”.

It pains me to leave Kontera. Kontera has great customer support, and once upon a time the earnings were spectacular. But like I’ve posted here in the blog many times when discussing Kontera, it works great on some websites, and not so great on other websites – “if Kontera works on your website, use it! if Kontera doesn’t work, try something else..” … So, it’s time for me to try something else.

I’ve just began testing InfoLinks (first day Infolinks generated more earnings than Kontera has seen in 3 weeks) and after 30-60 days, I’ll give Vibrant a try.

I can say that so far, I am unimpressed with support from both Infolinks or Vibrant – Kontera beats them both hands-down as far as support and responsiveness is concerned.. But, support don’t pay the server bills – sorry Kontera.

Below are some graphs showing how Kontera has performed against Adsense and IDG Tech Network.

The first graph shows all three, Adsense, IDG Tech, and Kontera, Jan – June 2011:

As you can see above, Adsense is far and above a better performer than either IDG Tech or Kontera.  Since it’s not even fair to compare IDG Tech or Kontera to Adsense, below is another graph, of just Kontera and IDG Tech, without Adsense to skew the scaling:

As you can see above, for the first 6 months of 2011, Kontera has lagged far behind IDG Tech virtually every day.

Now compare 2009 Kontera earnings (Jan thru June) to 2011 Kontera earnings (Jan thru June):

And finally – The average daily earnings of Kontera going all the way back to 2007.  There have been some clear ups and downs, but for the last 8 – 9 months, the trend is in one direction: DOWN

Still confused and bewildered over why I would leave Kontera?

As I’ve already said – I’m not saying Kontera is bad, or you should not use Kontera.  On the contrary, I think you should try Kontera on your site to see how it performs against the competition.  Unfortunately for Kontera, it just no longer performs on my website.

2 thoughts on “Why I Had To Leave Kontera

  1. This is a great case study, and very elucidative too! I haver personally been holding off from trying Kontera because I’m not keen on their ad format, and I worry it could mess up the visitors flow within my website.

    Have you noticed any disturbance in your bounce rates / click-throughs / pages views per visitor, or any other such anomalies, during the time you were using Kontera?

    1. in the past all of the testing I have done showed no impact on Adsense click rates when using InText ads (Kontera, Chitika or Infolinks).. However one of the facts of life is that the more ads you have (the more opportunities to click away) the higher the bounce-rate and lower the page-views will be. I consider this the “revenue tax” – i’m not sure it can be avoided.

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