Ghosts And Sex

For the last year or two one of my personal hobbies has been “paranormal investigation”. I don’t mean ghost-hunting like those fools you see on the TV shows chasing shadows in the dark with useless gadgets with absolutely zero basis is science or reality. My interest is more in documenting claims, and usually debunking them, or showing if for no one else but myself that the person making these claims are mostly full of shit, looking for attention, or, just plain crazy.  Of course I do remain open-minded in the event I should actually come across any sort of evidence of any kind of supernatural forces or entities.  If I were to do so, I would surely become rich and famous!  Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any real evidence yet.

In keeping with practicing what I preach (“build websites about things are you know about or are interested in..“), some of these interests have been creeping into a couple of my websites, and

Part of this hobby of mine is reading up as much as I can on the internet about all of the [crackpot] theories on what ghosts or spirits are, etc. Of course none of these ghost theories have any testable basis in anything even remotely close to something you could call scientific, but they are at the very least entertaining. Many of these ghost theories revolve around the idea that ghosts are somehow leftover or residual ‘energy’ of a person or event that somehow replays itself over and over at a location, or perhaps is ‘implanted’ into the environment, allowing people to sometimes see this energy either visually, or perceived visually but actually somehow transmitted directly into mind of the person sensitive enough to see it.

The energies required to implant themselves at a location (haunt a location) must be very strong, and as some of the theories go, usually arise as the result of a traumatic event such as a violent murder, an extremely evil person (such as a murderer) or, a combination of the two. Many ghost stories have these reoccurring themes, so of course this makes perfect sense to believers.

Today, as I was putting on my shoes and my mind was wandering aimlessly, for some reason the thought of ghosts and sex entered in. In these claims of hauntings (residual energy of traumatic events or evil people) why do we not hear of hauntings or ghost stories staring naked ghosts, or, of ghosts having sex? Surely there have been traumatic deaths of honeymooners being murdered while consummating their love? And of course there are hundreds of sexual related crimes (rapes, etc) ending in murder every year going back thousands of years.  Any one of these events should be traumatic enough to ‘imprint’ itself on the environment, or cause a lost soul to wander the earth!

So why then, are there no, or so few stores of ghosts engaging in sex? I have a few theories on naked ghosts or ghosts having sex:
1) The immutable laws of the spirit world simply do not permit naked ghosts or any activity with a rating of higher than PG13
2) The people imagining their ghost sightings are pre-conditioned (based on movies, previous ghost stories, etc) to only make up stories in their heads of fully-clothed ghosts
3) It’s all bullshitery

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