How I Achieved a 9.3% Total CTR In An Email

This Guest post is from Jeremy Reeves

I recently sent out an email to my list and got 9.3% of my list to CLICK one of the links in that email. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about people who opened and clicked. This number is based off the total number of emails sent, and the total number of clicks.

First, let me explain why high clickthrough rates (CTR) in emails are so important.

Building your list and sending emails to them is one of the most reliable ways to make money online. You can send your list relevant content, offers to affiliate products, links to your own sales pages selling your own products, and even do joint ventures with other people.

As a quick side note, the best way I’ve found to grow your list is simply creating a squeeze page giving away a 5-30 page free report.

Second, when you send emails, the more people who click on the links to go to your website (or affiliate link, etc.)… the more money you’ll make. So your main goal when sending an email is to get the maximum number of people clicking your links in that email.

Typically, people are happy with a 2-4% total CTR. So why did mine convert roughly 3-4 times better than the “average” email?

Let me show you.

Subject Line:  The subject line read “he’s crazy, but his stuff works…”

There are two main triggers I was trying to hit when I wrote that subject line. They include…

1) It makes people curious by saying “he’s crazy”. People love entertainment. So if the email starts out by saying this guy is crazy, they want to find out why!

2) When I say “his stuff works”, I’m implying that there’s value inside for them. People are tired of being taken advantage of by products and services that do nothing but leave holes in their wallets. Saying his stuff works implies a level of credibility and a possible solution for them to overcome some of the challenges they’re facing.

That got a huge number of people to open the email. However, I don’t care about open rates because nothing ever happens until they at least click one of the links in the email, so let’s talk about why the clickthrough rate was so high.

#1 – In the first few paragraphs, I mention that John and I are “morning mastermind buddies” on Skype. This adds instant credibility to John because, from being on my list, they know how fanatical I am about my time. Right after this paragraph, I added the first link to his site.

#2 – In the email, John and I did what’s called a “list swap”. We simply wrote an email to our list promoting the other persons free report. It’s a great way to build your list, and a great way to give more value to your existing list. We gave away each others reports, so the “offer” in this email was a no-brainer.

#3 – His report was about getting traffic, and is a fantastic report. So I added in 5 bullets talking about a few things they would learn in the course. Right after these bullets, I added a second link to get his free report.

#4 – After the second link to his site, I then reiterated that I highly recommended it. Again I was using my own credibility with my list to drive them to take action. Third-party credibility is a fantastic way to increase conversions in any area of marketing.

#5 – I made sure to tell them that I was NOT getting a single penny by recommending it. By showing them that it made no difference to me whether they clicked or not, it makes them attracted to the offer because there are no strings attached. Then, I put in a third and final link to his site.

And that’s about it!

You can very, very easily take the template I just gave you and use it in your own business to do list swaps with people you know. Or, use it to sell affiliates products (except leave out #5 of course).

Whatever you do with it, I hope it makes you a lot of money 🙂

About Jeremy Reeves:

Jeremy Reeves is an email copywriter and marketing strategist. His unique and innovative marketing strategies, combined with results-getting copy have earned his clients millions of dollars.

You can grab his FREE special report, “The 3×3 Formula For Doubling Your Profits In 60 Days Or Less” by heading over to

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