Rafflecopter VS. Booshaka

Rafflecopter vs Booshaka imageWe’ve just finished our April iPad giveaway using Rafflecopter so as I mentioned last month I can now compare how Rafflecopter works and performs when compared against Booshaka.

With both our Booshaka and Rafflecopter giveaways our goal was to increase our Facebook Fanpage Likes.  In our March Booshaka iPod giveaway we gained over 1,000 new likes.  So using the iPod giveaway as a baseline we offered a new Retina display iPad in our Rafflecopter contest.  The iPad cost a few hundred dollars more, and is a more sough-after item (by most people? Right?) than an iPod, so we were hoping for over 1,000 fans.  Sadly, using Rafflecopter we only gained about 900 Likes.  Not bad, but not what I had hoped for.

Here are some of the key performance differences between Rafflecopter and Booshaka and how I rank the winner:

  • Ease of use for contestants: Booshaka wins
    Booshaka has a simple to enter, almost one-click entry form.  Gaining points toward the giveaway is as easy as posting a comment on our Facebook Timeline, which virtually all Facebook users know how to do.
    Rafflecopter is far to confusing for the average “regular” internet user.  To get points visitors just click the button to get points for “Liking” the page, or Liking us on Facebook, Tweeting, etc – But, it is too easy to just “Like”, tweet, etc, without actually doing the action.  The user must then enter the URL to the Tweet, or if they weren’t logged-in to Facebook, their Facebook URL, etc – For us this resulted in hundreds of invalid entries from people that just did not understand, and worse from cheaters.  Rafflecopter is far to easy to cheat.
  • Ease of use for website owner: Rafflecopter wins
    As mentioned above, it’s very easy to cheat or incorrectly enter for a Rafflecopter contest.  This means that as the contest owner/website owner you must moderate all of your entires, or, your winning entry.  Luckily Rafflecopter makes moderating and confirming your contest winners easy in the interface, requiring only a few minutes to choose and confirm your giveaway winner.
    Using Booshaka for “Top Fans” our contest turned into a “who can post, like, and comment the most” – which is great, but to keep things fair, you have to draw the line somewhere and delete comments, deduct points, etc.  You also have to contend with overzealous Fans and might have to ban a Fan or two from your page or contest.  All this moderation can take a significant amount of time.
  • Effectiveness for gaining more Facebook Likes: Booshaka wins
    Our goal is to draw more Facebook likes, so this is the most important factor, and by far Booshaka outperformed Rafflecopter in this respect.  I think this is because of how Booshaka is more Facebook centric, is easier to use for the contestants, and the better viral-traction that all of that commenting, liking, and posting creates.

Whether Rafflecopter or Booshaka is better for you and your contest depends on your goals and the type of giveaway you are doing (Facebook based vs blog or website based).  Although we may still use Rafflecopter, I think we’ll stick with Booshaka for the majority of our giveaways until we find something better.

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