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Over the last few months I have noticed short spurts of referral traffic from is a crowdsourcing “workforce” for things like human review of user generated content, but I can think of no legitimate reason for Crowdflower to be checking content at any of my websites unless companies like Facebook or Adsense are using the service.

Google searching for what and who actually uses Crowdflower does not bring up much and several discussions conclude that the traffic may just be referral spam, which I’m not sure I agree with.

After checking over 100 IP’s coming from, I have found that 0% of the visitors are located in the United States, and instead are coming from such diverse countries as Syria, India, Iran, Israel and Bangladesh.  All of the visitors hit the front / home page, and 100% bounce without visiting any other pages.

I’m tempted to simply block all of these visitors as they clearly don’t care about my websites and arent doing me any good but am still looking to find who might be behind the traffic, since using is not free.

If you’ve seen this same influx of visitors coming from or if you know who or what companies might be using it, post a comment.

UPDATE: Rich Arnold, CFO and VP Strategy & Corporate Development at CrowdFlower reached out to me to explain what this traffic is that I have been seeing from  During a good telephone chat Rich explained how the different types of jobs and tasks from Crowdflower work and thinks that my traffic was probably coming from one of Crowdflower’s ‘gold questions’ or ‘gold tasks’.  These are questions or tasks with known answers used to test and validate the person doing the work.  For example, a Crowdflower worker might be instructed to type in a certain search string or go directly to a site (like mine) and then be asked something specific about that site.   Basically, how the Crowdflower worker answers that question determines if they are paying attention or not.

So it seems that although these bumps in traffic don’t do ME much good, they don’t do any harm either.  Thanks Rich!

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  1. Interesting post Rand; I have started seeing a few visits in my “links from an external page” and as you say it looks like referer spam.

    I am tempted to block them as they are of no use to me and why should I help somebody else to make money?

    This is not the first company I have seen with links like this and I have already blocked one as it was visiting multiple times a day.

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