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I don’t know about you, but it seems that I spend far too much time and effort fighting and blocking spam.

If you use WordPress, all you have to do is enable and configure Akismet, and you pretty much never have to worry about spam again.  If you use Drupal, dealing with spam effectively is a bit more complicated.  I have posted before about using Akismet for Drupal via the AntiSpam module.  AntiSpam allows you to use Aksimet on your Drupal site to block spam.  Antispam/Akismet do a pretty good job of blocking most spam posts, but it has a few issues and lacks some functionality.

The first issue with Akismet on Drupal is related to the Comment Notify module.  If you use Comment Notify (and, you should!) with Akisment, email notifications are still sent for new comments even if Akisment flags the comment as spam.  As a result, people subscribed to  comments on a node will get the Comment Notify email notification of a new comment when no comment is actually published (because Akismet catches it).  I’ve reported this to the author of Comment Notify, but it seems it may take a while to fix this.

The other problem with Akismet is that it only helps to protect your Drupal site from comment and node spam.  It does nothing to prevent spammers from creating new accounts.

The cure for Drupal Spam!

The cure is the Drupal module Spamicide!  Spamicide uses hidden fields on forms that only spambots can see.  When a spammer (spam bot) tries to fill-in one of these hidden fields Spamicde blocks the attempt.  This means that not only does Spamicide help block comment and node spam, it also blocks spammers from creating new accounts.  Of course if it’s an old-fashioned human spammer, Spamicide can’t help, but human spammers are a dying breed.

I have recently activate Spamicide in addition to Akismet (via the Antispam module) which i’ve been using for quite some time.  The result is that comment spam has dropped to almost zero, no more false Comment Notify emails, and zero new fake spammer accounts.

Spamicde + Akismet = stop worrying about spammers

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    1. We used Mollom a few years ago when it first came out. I don’t recall exactly why, but we weren’t happy with it at all, and dropped it after only a few weeks. I’m sure it’s improved since then, but we haven’t gone back.

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