My Tip For New Bloggers

I belong to several Google Plus communities relating to bloggers and blogging, and the reoccurring question I see is “does anyone have any tips for a new blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog?

Here is my tip:

Blog about a subject you are familiar with or passionate about

That’s it!

If you are thinking about starting a blog but don’t really know what you should blog about, then my gut reaction is that you might be looking to start the blog for the wrong reasons.

3 thoughts on “My Tip For New Bloggers

  1. Hi,
    I have a strange question? Rather than blogging on a WordPress platform, has anyone tried blogging on Google Plus…and what was the seo effect of doing this?
    Thank you,


  2. Thanks Rand. As a newbie, I would also include adding tags to your posts. I didn’t do this on my first few posts simply because blogging was new to me and when something is new, it takes time for things to absorb. Anyways, adding tags has helped me connect with other bloggers. From my understanding, tags are keywords that people use when searching for content with those words.? So, if I have a tag as “rose”, essentially a user who types in ‘rose’ will come to my post/blog. Correct me if wrong.

    1. @google-1b471ab08b65de890f0584d1d9f389dd:disqus, in theory, yes. Good tags can help with SEO. But a good post with proper use of the word ‘rose’ would do better than the tag alone.

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