The New CAPTCHA – No Typing Required

If you are like me, you hate spam in your blog but you also hate CAPTCHAs and refuse to subject your readers to them and instead fight the spammers head-on yourself. might have the solution – a new “no typing” CAPTCHA that is visual and only requires the human to align the image by sliding a slider on the image.

The Minteye visual CAPTCHA 

This new kind of CAPTCHA certainly looks easier for a potential commenter to decipher than current CAPTACHAs but I wonder how long until the spammer community figures out a way to defeat them.

I still choose to fight the spammers head-on, via real-time block lists, Mod_Security rules, Akismet, and the good, old-fashioned “spam” button. If you’ve tried the new MintEye CAPTCHAs please post your results.



3 thoughts on “The New CAPTCHA – No Typing Required

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the heads up on the new CAPTCHA! Spammers are everywhere and this looks like a great way to ward them off!

    I haven’t tried it yet, but just wanted to stop by to say thanks!


  2. This does look like an excellent method and it probably won’t be any less secure than conventional CAPTCHA because there are so many softwares to solve them now.

    I am dyslexic so I cannot read the conventional CAPTCHAs for love nor money so I use software that was designed for the bling called RUMOLA to read and fill them in for me!

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