How Do YOU Define Success?

The title of my blog is “Learn Success The Easy Way” and yet, since I started the blog over 5 years ago I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned or discussed what “success” really means to me. Different people define success differently so it’s not as simple as you might think.

Image of the definition of the word successHere are just a few of the different ways people define success that come to mind:

Money based success:

  • Many people define their success as how much money I can make and anything short of being part of the 1% means failure.  Nothing else matters, that’s all there is.
  • Others define success as never having to work in a ‘real’ job or being their own boss
  • Some, when asked the question “how do you define success” will tell you that a good job that pays just enough to pay the bills and buy a few nice toys is all that they need to feel successful

Some people don’t even consider money in defining success and instead think of success in more deep and existential terms (or, shallow and meaningless ways).

Life based success:

  • How many people can you touch, or help
  • How pretty their wife is or how ‘perfect’ their family appears to everyone
  • How happy and content they are with their life
  • How much respect they have from their friends, family or peers
  • How expensive their car was or how big their house is (regardless of whether or not they can actually afford it)
  • How “high up” their position is where they work or how many people are ‘under’ them
  • How fast they can run, how far they can throw a ball, or how many people they can beat up

Of course since this is a blog about online success, chances are that if you are reading this you are a blogger or webmaster so there is also ‘internet based’ success.

Success on the internet:

  • How much traffic your website or blog gets
  • How much money you can generate
  • Fame and glory, as measured by readers or subscribers. Similar to traffic, but for more narcissistic reasons

How do I define my success?

Since I am writing in the context of my blog and websites I’m going to limit the scope of my answer to my life in the online world.

I define success as a combination of how much traffic I am able to generate via what I have learned about SEO, marketing, Social Media, and whatever other methods I use. I feel that I am successful when I do things things well.  Another measure of success in generating traffic to my websites is how well and how much income they can generate. So when I do a good job at generating traffic and generating income, I feel that I can say that I am successful.

But you may have noticed that I don’t use my blog to generate any income (look ma, no ads! Didja even notice?). I define success in my blog as how many people I can teach how to do something, how many people I can help, prevent from being scammed, or from being ripped-off.  Of course, with a little bit of the fame & glory thrown in to keep my ego from starving.   Hey, I’m only human.

How do you define your success? Please leave a comment and let us know.

5 thoughts on “How Do YOU Define Success?

  1. As I get a little bit older (yes, I am an old man now), I am finding that money based success is not important to me. In a previous life I worked my ass off for the dollar and I was never happy. I remember being very well off when I was in my mid 20s but I did absolutely nothing I love. I have found some fun passions in golf, ingress and Google+ and I could never be happier. I am probably making about half as much but I feel as if I am finally living the life I want to live. The money will come, that is not an issue.

    1. I’ve realized much of the same @JesseWojdylo:disqus – I would not say that money-based success is not important to me anymore, but it is far less important than it was in my younger days. I think this is what we call ‘wisdom’ ..

      1. It is so funny you mention that because I met a younger guy on Google+, mid 20s, who has recently fallen into a job that makes him some loot. Every time I pull him away from his job his response is always, “I could be doing something to make more money.” He will learn soon enough. Enjoy life.

  2. I define success as…being 100% at all times. By that I mean being in the moment and attempting to get the most out of every interaction possible. Whether it be talking to a stranger, doing business or maybe even just sitting in the woods experiencing nature and observing. You never know when the opportunity to make a positive change will come about and I feel that if we are all “tuned” in to the idea that we can help one another we would be much better off as a society. Being beneficial to others is one measure of success to me.

    Another benchmark of success to me is being recognized for my inherent qualities. Not only being good at my profession but being a good guy in general. I must say that I could be a lot further along in life than I am but we work with the cards we are dealt and the hand I played turned out to be a bust! The thing is it made me capable of being a compassionate and caring human. I wouldn’t trade that for any amount of money.

    I also find success in having overcome obstacles and turning what may be a negative to some into a positive for me. After many years of struggling I was about to throw in the proverbial towel. The thing is after reanalyzing the situation and seeing things for what they truly were I kicked myself in the butt and starting taking steps to turn my life around. Things are good nowadays and getting better all the time.

    Lastly, making money has never really been a measurement for me when it comes to success. Not that I mind making money but I think that if I treat people well I will be rewarded with kindness in return. When we put out good intentions others see that and take notice. The old saying what comes around goes around is very true. Karma Happens.

    Bottom line issue for me is that I successful because I can hold my head high and not be ashamed any longer. Freedom of the mind, body, and soul is the best part of being a success to myself!

  3. Success….. hmm.. I just quit my high-paying corporate job in which I handled a team of world-class business analysts for the second biggest TELCO company in the US because I DID NOT feel successful at all. For me, being able to do it on your own (without having to wake up everyday just to get huge paychecks from people who don’t appreciate your efforts and owners who don’t even know you personally) and feeling happy about the results you make for yourself and for your family is the ultimate success. If you can do it for them, why not do it for yourself right? I may not be able to earn as much but I know I’ll live longer because stress is no longer a part of my life.

    Some people actually think what I did was throwing my good life away. But for me, success is measured by paving your own future by doing excellent work and having fun at the same time. If you feel stressed and overworked, that job is not for you. I now help small/medium-sized business owners by providing the same outsourced solutions that I provided my previous company. I love what I am doing right now because I can see my future with it and I have a good working relationship with clients. I am able to learn a lot of things that I am sure I won’t learn from my previous job. Btw, here’s my site, I’m really proud of it. LOL

    Thanks for this wonderful post! 🙂

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