My Top Google Plus Influencers

If you have not yet already made the move to Google Plus, I am about to give you six reasons why you should. If you have already made the move and are either fully up and running or still just getting your feet wet, I’m about to give you my list of six Google Plus influencers that you need to add to your Google Plus Circles.

A mistake that I think a lot of people make when they first start using Google Plus (I know I did), is they go around circling all of the “big names” in whatever field they are interested in (in my case, SEO, blogging, and web mastering) along with dozens or hundreds of other people they happen to see.  After doing this what I ended up with was a very Facebook-like stream, full of cat pictures, daily motivations, and as many stale reshared posts and pages as a RSS reader stuck on “full-blast”.

Finding your influencers can be like finding tiny diamonds in the rough:  hard to find but worth the effortIt was easy to weed-out the low quality people that I circled, or just move them into a circle of their own, but that left me with all of the the “big names”. After following a dozen or so of these “big names” and ‘experts’ for a while, I have found that I’m not actually learning much from them. It seems that the more famous you are, the fewer quality posts you need to make – and who can blame them right?

But buried in between the low-quality Google Plussers and the ‘big names’, almost like tiny hidden diamonds in the rough, I have been able to find my influencers. These people are the cream of the crop in my Google Plus Circles that actually share helpful information, know what they are talking about & and what they are doing, and are genuine assets to Google Plus.
If you have any interest Blogging, online marketing, SEO, etc (and if you read my blog, you probably do), I highly suggest that you circle all of these people:

J.C. Kendall on Google Plus



J.C. Kendall
The owner of TekPersona Corporation, J.C. knows everything about branding and marketing, but he is not your standard “internet marketing guru”. J.C. tells it like it is, even if you don’t want to hear it, often making me wonder if he is my long lost twin brother



Larry Deane


Larry Deane
Larry runs He has successfully built a very profitable blog and knows all the in’s and out’s of blogging, WordPress, and personal finance.

Larry is an intelligent, honest, trustworthy person that can teach a life-lesson just as well as how to setup a WordPress blog.



Lyndon NA


Lyndon NA
Honestly, I don’t know if Lyndon NA is a person, a company or an auto-bot, and it doesn’t matter. Lyndon NA constantly shares quality SEO and webmastering/blogging related items with just a light sprinkling of 100% cat picture-free humorous posts.



Mark Traphagen on Google Plus


Mark Traphagen
Digital Outreach Director for Virante, Inc, Mark is a true expert in all that is social media, particularly Google Plus and Google Plus Authorship. Mark is very active and helpful in several communities, always shares new and unique content (often his own) about social media, SEO, Authorship and Google Plus and he is probably one of the very few people on Google Plus (or any social media) with a very large following, that will actually take the time to help anyone/everyone.


Ronnie Bincer



Ronnie Bincer
“The Hangout Helper” – Ronnie runs and is “the” Google Hangout expert.

If you want to learn more about using Google Plus Hangouts, YouTube, or anything with the word “video” in it, circle Ronnie now. He’s also a nice guy!



Jesse Wojdylo on Google Plus


Jesse Wojdylo
(Pronounced woa-dill-ohh)

Jesse runs and is the Google Plus social-butterfly. Jesse is also known as the “Nostradamus of Google Plus”.

If you want to learn about SEO, building a presence on Google Plus, how to use Google Plus to drive traffic to your website, or how to “pull the bitches”, Jesse is one to circle and follow.

These people are by no means the only high quality influencers in my circles but I wanted to keep this list short so I did the best that I cloud to keep it limited to those most closely related to my interests (SEO, webmastering, blogging, marketing, and social media).

I can guarantee you that by circling these six people and closely watching who they follow and who follows them, you will start finding your own diamonds in the rough.

12 thoughts on “My Top Google Plus Influencers

  1. Wow Rand, very honored to be on this list, especially with the others listed. Thank you for including me. It’s really been a pleasure getting to know you on Google+ – Ok, sappy stuff over…

  2. You mean to tell me no one cares about my cats??!
    No, but seriously.. I see at least one of those G+ members that I think I need to follow, so thank you for this (whatever this is)..

  3. Rand, even though Jesse is on this list, I’m still honored to be here (I kid!….about Jesse, not the honor). Right back atcha, you’ve become one of my most valued follows on G+ as well.

  4. Wow, dude! Honored to make your list! Thank you so much. Wonderful company of helpful individuals you placed me with. And yes, we DO have much in common.

  5. Thank you for the great list. I was already following about half the list, but it is great to find some other diamonds. Of course now I just have to figure out how to continue to shove all this info info my brain without it exploding!!!

  6. I’ve been trying to figure what to say – aside from “thank you”.

    I was sorely tempted to claim to being an auto-bot … but just couldn’t do that to you 😀
    I am real (Lyndon is my firstname, NA are my surname initials).
    Anything else would merely be fluff … (that, and I cannot ffigure how to get a cat picture into the comment :D)

      1. he he… I get lots of alerts from various places, but yes it is true that I have not had Google Alerts doing the ‘sniffing’… maybe I need to change that?
        BTW, I know that ‘cloud’ computing is all the rage, but could your cloud be a could in the penultimate summary paragraph above?

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