Do You Trust Those Adsense Experts?

Just a quick PSA about scammers and phonies hawking ebooks and Adsense “systems”.

If you are like me, especially when I first started using Adsense on my websites, you’ve probably run into a lot of Adsense “experts” in online forums, blogs, etc.  Many of these Adsense “experts” will prove that they know what they are talking about by posting a screenshot of their incredible earnings.

Fake Adsense Earnings
This screenshot of doctored Adsense earnings was created in less than 2 minutes with the Firebug plugin for Firefox

Of course, being the sceptic that you are, you carefully zoom in on that screenshot and look for blurry pixels, misaligned text or other evidence of Photoshop.  You find nothing amiss, so you assume it’s legit and fork-over $20 for their Guaranteed Adsense Riches eBook.

Not All Phonies Use Photoshop

Using a web-browser plugin like Firebug, anyone can easily create fake Adsense earnings in minutes.  The fake earnings screenshot above took less than 2 minutes to create and no matter how closely you look, you won’t find any evidence of Photoshop, because Firebug allows you to modify the actual HTML of the webpage allowing anyone to create any earnings they would like.

The easiest way to spot these fakes is by looking for errors in the math, but if they are careful, you’ll never know for sure if those adsense earnings stats are real or not.

Moral of the story: Bon’t believe everything you see on the internet, especially when they are trying to sell you an ebook.

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