My Top Google Plus Influencers for March

If you have not yet already made the move to Google Plus, I am about to give you 5 more reasons why you should. If you have already made the move and are either fully up and running or still just getting your feet wet, I’m about to give you my list of Google Plus influencers for March that you need to add to your Google Plus Circles.

A mistake that I think a lot of people make when they first start using Google Plus (I know I did), is to go around circling all of the “big names” in whatever field they are interested in (in my case, SEO, blogging, and web mastering) along with everyone else they happen to see.  After doing this what I ended up with was a very Facebook-like stream, full of cat pictures, daily motivations, and as many stale reshared posts and pages as a RSS reader stuck on “full-blast”.

Google Plus Shared Circle March 2013It was easy to weed-out the low quality people that I circled, or just move them into a circle of their own, but that left me with all of the the “big names”. After following a dozen or so of these “big names” and ‘experts’ for a while, I have found that I’m not actually learning much from them. It seems that the more famous you are, the fewer quality posts you need to make – and who can blame them right?

But buried in between the low-quality Google Plussers and the ‘big names’, I have been able to find my influencers. These people are the cream of the crop in my Google Plus Circles that actually share helpful information, know what they are talking about & and what they are doing, are genuine assets to Google Plus, and each month I share those with you.
If you have any interest Blogging, online marketing, SEO, etc (and if you read my blog, you probably do), I highly suggest that you circle all of these people:

Al Remetch on Google Plus


Al Remetch – Local SEO and G+ Consultant

Don’t let the word SEO next to his name put you off.  Al is a great resource for SEO, local SEO, and emerging Author Rank discussion and debate.



BIll Gassett


Bill Gassett Top Producing Realtor and G+ Engager
If you want to learn how to engage on Google Plus, build a strong following, or just be awesome, circle Bill this instant and hope that some of his awesome rubs off on you.


Randy Resnick


Randy ResnickMusic, Wine, Audio, Video
If you want to learn more about using Google Plus, Youtube, or Podcasting, not only can Randy help, but he will take the time to help.

And if those subjects don’t interest you: WINE !



Denis Labelle on Google Plus


Denis Labelle – Commerce + Creativity 

I might have unlooped Denis from my circles just because of his large following (over 308k followers on Google Plus), but Denis has been a great source of creativity, information and learning about Google Plus, and online business.  Denis is about the only “big name” that I have in my Circles.


Amy Schmittauer's Google Plus card


Amy Schmittauer Savvy..Sexy..Social…

Even though Amy is probably the only person in my circles with a last name harder to pronounce than “Wojdylo”, don’t let that stop you from wrapping a circle around her ASAP.  Amy truly is a social ‘expert’, and she creates some of the best Youtube videos I’ve ever seen.  Amy’s videos have a very original ‘style’, and trust me, it’s working.


These people are by no means the only high quality Google+ influencers in my circles but since I will be sharing my top influencers each month, I want to keep the lists small.

I can virtually promise you that by circling these people and closely watching who they engage with, you will start finding your own top-influencers.

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