How Google Cheats You Out Of Search Results

The question of the huge number of search results came up in a Google Plus Community discussion earlier today, and I wanted to share this information about actual search result numbers that Google provides with everyone.  Many of you may already know about this, but for those that don’t, here you go.

Google is cheating you out of what you deserve, every time you search!

Did you know that you can never access all of the search results that Google claims to find for you when you do a Google search?  You are being cheated out of the number of search results you deserve!
Try it yourself:  Do a search on a popular topic and note the number of results that Google claims to have for that search:

Number of Google search results

In this example a search for “Google” returns 13,410,000,000 results.  For those of you that are numerically-challeged like myself, according to my 10-year-old son that is just shy of 13-and-a-half BILLION results.

As you begin your journey through reading through all 13 billion of your results, you will quickly find that only about 600 results are available as you are greeted with this message:

Missing search results message

It appears that Google has omitted those other 13 billion results to help prevent us from harming ourselves.  No worry, it looks like to get all of our results we just need to click the ‘repeat the search with the omitted results included‘ link.

Now that we are about to get access to all 13 billion results, which could take at least an hour to get through, it might be a good idea to speed things up by going into your search-settings and change the results per page from the default of 10, to 100:

Google search results setting

Now we’re ready to breeze through the billions of our promised search results, 100 at a time instead of only 10 at a time.  This will allow you to get through the results 10 times faster!

Scroll down to the bottom of the search results and you will see linked page-numbers to quickly jump through all the pages of the search results.  As you go through your 13 billion promised results you will find that when you reach page 10, which takes you up to the 1,000th result if your search setting is set at 100 results per page, you will notice that you cannot go beyond page 10, or result number 1,000 – there are no more page links to access more search results:

Google search limit

As you can see, you just got scroogled out of the other 13,409,999,000 results that you, as a human, deserve!  There is no way to access any more than 1,000 search results in a Google search, even though we were promised billions of results.

Knowing this, I think that we, as informed, social-media-savvy internet users, have two choices:

Choice one: As internet users and residents of this earth we need.. No, we require access to all of our search results!  We should immediately start an all-out online social media campaign to force Google into providing us with all of our search results.  This should include daily chain-emails to everyone in our address book, posting on our Facebook walls and demanding that all of our Facebook friends re-post it or feel guilty if they don’t, an online petition to the White House to make Barack Obama force Google into making all search results available, a week-long march in the streets in front of Google headquarters to shut down traffic and commerce for all of the people and business near and around Google that have nothing to do with this, and of course, to really make Google pay attention, change all of our social media avatars/images to the official “support full search results” image.

Choice two: Take this information as a simple “huh, I never knew that”, and get back to doing something constructive with our lives.

Have you ever bumped up against this limit or ever need to see more than 1,000 results?  And more importantly, does anyone know why Google insists on boasting how many results it can find even though it will never let us see them?  Leave a comment and enlighten me.

3 thoughts on “How Google Cheats You Out Of Search Results

  1. I am trying to research bike prices by brand and model at different stores, so of course I WANT and need to see my similar results. Because Google filters out my similar results, I keep having to repeat the search with the ‘omitted results included’, thus doubling my time!! SO frustrating. I have been searching for an answer to this maddening problem.

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