Top 10 BullShit Social Media Buzzwords

Social Media, particularly Google Plus and Linkedin are great ways to connect with people of the same hobbies and personal or professional interests. But social media is also a great way for scammers and self-inflated douchebags to use these platforms as a means to further self-inflate themselves.

Over the last few weeks as I have been trimming-down my lists and circles, and removing the people that just aren’t ‘doing it’ for me, I started to notice some similarities in their profiles and descriptions.  It seemed that many of these self-proclaimed experts and gurus all had very similar sounding profiles and bios.

Being of the highly analytical and scientific mind that I am, I copied and pasted the text from several dozen of these bios and profiles into my version of SAS to analyze the words that they used most often to describe themselves. The result was a scientific and statistically significant list of the most used “BSBs”.

What is a BSB?

BSBs are Bull Shit Buzzwords. These are the words that experts, gurus, and other self-inflated types overuse most often when describing themselves in their bios or online profiles. Most of these BSBs, when used sparingly are perfectly acceptable and often necessary in describing many people, however once the BSB score rises above three (using more than 3 BSBs to describe themselves), it is cause for major concern.

Don't be this guy
Don’t be this guy

BSB (BullShit Buzz Words) Scoring System & how to find your BSB score

Read through your online profile or bios. For each item on the BSB list that you find in your profile add one point. Add up all the points for your BSB score.

The BSB List:

  • Empower
  • Strategizer or Strategic
  • Leverage
  • Innovator or Innovation
  • Inspiration or Inspirational
  • Powerful or power
  • High Impact
  • Entrepreneur
  • Evangelist (in a non-religous context)
  • Enterprise (acceptable only if “1701” or “USS” is in the same sentence)
  • Thought leader
  • The use of an exclamation point! more! than! 3 times! In what should! Be! One! Sentence!

BSB Scores & Meanings

0-2 BSB: This is the perfect score for most profiles. There is no need to be concerned. Keep up the good work
3 BSB: A BSB score of 3 should be a red-flag that you may want to edit your profile/bio, or reconsider your life-path.
4 BSB: This is over the acceptable BSB limit and you are pushing the envelope of douchebaggary. Ask your family or co-workers for an immediate intervention and seek help as appropriate.
5 BSB or higher: If your BSB score is 5 or more, you probably don’t care, have no soul, and assume that everyone loves everything you do. You are beyond any help and the rest of the internet will have to go out of their way to avoid you. You are also probably the guy that is going to post a comment saying how stupid the BSB rating system is.

Please take a moment to find your BullShit BuzzWord score and make adjustments if necessary. Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for the internet. And remember, you can’t argue with science.

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