Seven Hard Truths About Blogging That You Don’t Want To Read

It's not easy TShirtThis isn’t one of those bullshit-laden, happy, lovey-dovey posts about how wonderful blogging can be where the author talks about happy things and there are pictures of beautiful people with the wind blowing through their hair. This is real life, the way grandpa used to talk to you about it when mom and dad weren’t around. If you want everybody-is-happy-bullshit, go read Mashable or some mommy-blogger’s blog.

The Hard Truth About Starting A Blog

  • You are not going to get rich:  The vast majority of bloggers do not get rich from the money that their blog generates.  You probably have a greater chance at winning it big playing the Lottery.

  • Statistically speaking, you aren’t going to make any money at all: Most blogs do not generate any significant earnings in the first six months and most never break the $1,000/year barrier.

  • You aren’t going to get ‘millions of hits’ any time soon:  Unless you are already famous, don’t expect any significant “hits” for at least 6 months to a year. Many bloggers will never see a million visitors over the entire life of their blog.

  • Get comfortable talking to yourself:  The first few months will be lonely and will feel like you’re speaking to an empty auditorium.

  • Chances are, nobody gives a shit about you, what you did today, what you had for dinner, or your daily struggles in life:  Unless you have something extremely unique to blog about, nobody cares.

  • Scrapers and spammers will try to destroy you and they will probably win:  Scrapers will copy and steal everything you post and take credit for your work and spammers will fill your comments queue until it overfloweth.  You can fight them, but they will never go away and the spam never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There’s never a letup, it’s relentless! Every day it piles up more and more, and you gotta delete it, but the more you delete, the more keeps coming in!! And then Akismet breaks!!! And then it’s….  Suffice it to say, it is a battle that cannot be won, much like delivering the mail, or herpes.

  • It’s not going to be easy: Unless you are happy with a very basic or vanilla looking blog, you’re going to have to learn to setup and customize your blog, continuously come up with new ideas to write about, find time to write your content, edit it, spellcheck it, re-edit it, build a following, generate those million-hits, and juggle your life all at the same time.

Should you give up on blogging?

I don’t care what you do, but If you are thinking of starting a blog with big ideas of quitting your job and living the good life in 3 months, or starting a blog instead of finding a job, then yes, you should probably do everyone a favor and give up now.  For you, the Empower Network might be something to look into.

But if you are thinking of starting a blog for fun, to help other people with your expertise, to ‘vent’, or just as a hobby, then I say, do not give up! Most bloggers decide they have ‘failed’ within the first 90 to 120 days when they realize it’s ‘too hard’, and they give up.  As long as you level-set your expectations, know these truths, and are willing to tough it out, then go for it.   Being a successful blogger is hard, but it’s not impossible. Just don’t make THESE COMMON MISTAKES and watch the video below for a humorous look into a “glamorous life” of a webmaster or a blogger.

6 thoughts on “Seven Hard Truths About Blogging That You Don’t Want To Read

  1. I always wondered why I wasn’t making any money. Thanks for giving away some of the inside secretes, it’s always good to hear from an expert.

  2. Blogging is just a way of expressing ones self. The idea of it is just for advising purposes, however it also helps enhance knowledge and thinking skills. These are true, Randy. But, i hope this won’t discourage bloggers from writing and posting. 🙂

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