Success! Getting Money Back From Paypal

Another Paypal success story, as a followup to Rand’s post from 2008 here: How I Got My Money Back From Paypal.

I was able to get my money back from Paypal after losing an unauthorized purchase dispute. I had two charges come through my Paypal account that triggered an automatic withdraw from my bank account since there wasn’t any money in my Paypal. My bank account was the first backup funding source. My bank would not dispute the charges because it was not a charge made on my debit card using the “credit” feature. Only debit card purchases made with the “credit” feature are covered by fraud protection. All other transactions, you are just out of luck. Not sure if this is true for all banks, but it is for Bank of America. I’ve always known about using the “credit” feature on my debit card to ensure fraud protection, and I always select “credit” at the register, but automatic transfers coming out of my bank account to cover Paypal purchases didn’t even cross my mind. My Paypal has been set up with my bank account as the first back up funding source for years. Well not anymore! I now have my credit card as the first back up funding source for all Paypal transactions. And I am now double checking to make sure my card is the first back up source on every Paypal purchase from now on.

After not getting any help from my bank, they told me to file a dispute with Paypal. Of course Paypal did not want to oblige, so on October 31st 2013 (yes, this all went down on Halloween and I had to spend my entire Halloween slaying the ghosts and goblins of Paypal) I decided to send a letter chronicling the entire Paypal incident to the following places:

  • California FTC
  • California Attorney General

I then did a quick Google search to find out who else I could complain to and found Mysoapboxrant’s “Here is information for you to use in filing complaints against eBay/Paypal” After reading that, I went ahead and submitted my letter to:

  • The Nebraska Attorney General
  • The United States Department of Justice

I continued with my Google search and found Rand Wilson’s blog post on “How I Convinced PayPal To Release My Funds.” After reading that, I then sent Paypal the same letter I sent to the 4 agencies above and added to the bottom of the letter that I had already contacted the 4 government agencies above and if I did not receive my money by the end of the day on November 2, 2013, which would have been the tenth day of the 7-10 day period Paypal uses to investigate unauthorized charges, I was going to report them the following day, November 3, 2013, to these additional agencies:

  • The California Better Business Bureau
  • The Nebraska Better Business Bureau
  • The United States Federal Reserve

On November 3rd 2013 I received an email from an executive at Paypal stating he valued my business at Paypal, had listened to the recorded calls I made to Paypal regarding the incident, and would refund my money. He even added an additional $4.50 to the amount! I guess that was to make up for PayPal’s lack of professionalism during the incident. The PayPal Executive said I would receive the funds within 72 hours. I received funds today, November 4th 2013, so I am happy.

As a thank you to:

  • Mysoapboxrant for providing a fantastic list of government agencies to report to
  • Rand for providing an excellent example of a letter to send Paypal
  • Scampal and Paypalsucks for providing one hell of an extensive list of Paypal email addresses
  • PaypalWarning for giving victims a legitimate place to post the TRUTH about Paypal before they can scam anyone else

I have drafted up a revised and updated email list for anyone that needs help getting their money back from Paypal. I added commas to the list of emails and everything!! That way it’s easier for Paypal victims to just copy the list and paste it right into an email, and hit “send”. I have removed all the emails that bounced back and all the emails with auto-responders that said the person is no longer employed at PayPal. The people who were out on vacation and had auto-responders with who to contact at PayPal while they are out of the office, those emails have been added to this list as well. And get this! Some of these people were out on vacation for weeks! One PayPal employee’s auto-responder said:

“Yes the rumors are true. I am out on sabbatical until January 6, 2014.”

What?! What kind of vacation day packages does Paypal have going on? I was shocked. These people are out on “sabbatical” while victims are struggling to get their money back. Very telling, isn’t it? Then the PayPal employee went on to say:

“To hit the ground running upon my return, I plan to simply archive all email that arrived while I was out without reading them.”


Here are some other notable points to mention:

  • Before I send the email to Paypal, I made an email list inside my email account named “PayPal Emails” and put all the Paypal email addresses on that list. When it was time to send the email, I put the “” email address on the “To:” line, and put the list in the “Bcc:” line so no one else in the company could see who else I sent the email to. Everyone who got the email could only see that I sent it to the Appeals department. Victims should practice this technique with their own personal emails first to make sure it works before sending their email to Paypal. People in the “Bcc:” line should not be able to see any other email addresses except the one in the “To:” line.
  •  After I sent the letter to Paypal, I received an email from the Appeals department stating they investigated my case, but still ruled against me. The following day I received the email from the executive at Paypal saying he would refund the money. At Paypal, it is clear that thy left hand has no clue what thy right hand is doing. So if a victim gets a rejection email after sending their letter, keep waiting. Someone else from the executive office will most likely respond later on with a real solution.

So there it is, another success story with the help of all the websites above. You guys rock!


Updated Paypal email list as of November 4, 2013:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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