Who The Hell Moved My Cheese?

Things have been rolling along pretty smoothly for me for the last several years.  Not perfect, and not without problems, trials, and tribulations, for example, returning home from a 10 day vacation last year to be greeted by a broken water pipe on the second floor that had run for at least 5 days, virtually destroying over 50% of the house.  But I can’t complain.  I have had a well-paying, steady day-job with a very large company for the last 15 years, and as most of you know, since 2006 a significant online-income from my websites.  This dual-income has allowed me and my family to live nicely.  Most people would say that we live well below our means, and aside from the occasional fancy car, we are pretty frugal, and have put a lot away for a rainy day.


This is what I look like when I get laid-off.

Last week while going through my day-job email, I got a last-minute calendar request from my bosses-boss to have a quick call.  No other information was given.  I work from home (another very nice piece of my cushy life!) and my bosses are back east, so there would be no face-to-face discussions.

The call started out innocent enough, with him discussing all of the recent restructuring and changes in the company and our division, but he then very quickly began to sound like he was reading something that had been pre-written.  He mentioned the “plans going forward”, and that everyone in our division was going to be moving to one of a few major “expert centers” throughout the country.  Anyone not able or willing to work at these new locations did not “fit into the plan”.  It was about that time that I realized what had always worried me in the back of my mind: I just got laid-off!

He then mentioned the name of some HR lady “already on the line” who went on to read pages of stuff, blah blah, I couldn’t really pay attention.  She tried to let me down easy.  It’s a big company, over 300,000 employees.  My boss’s boss and a few of his peers had to make over 100 calls in one day – they kept it all very quick and antiseptic.

Okay.. Moving On..

I think that for now, I’m done with the daily 8-5 “grind” (which for me was actually usually a 5am-3pm grind because most of who I work with is in the Eastern Time Zone, and I’m on the west coast.) Lucky for me, I already have that online-income and the basis for expanding it even more, but the time for being lazy is over.  It’s time to get serious, learn a lot of new things, get serious, get over my fears, get over my insecurities, and JUST DO IT.

So, please welcome me to the world of of the (soon to be, I still have 2 months) unemployed, and the world of the self employed!

4 thoughts on “Who The Hell Moved My Cheese?

  1. Welcome to this world. It isn’t that bad once you get a handle on it. For you though you already have a handle. You just don’t have that security now but sometimes change is good and for you this may be the change you needed.

  2. This happened to me 4 years ago and it turned out great, better than I expected. I’m positive that it will turn out the same way for you.

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