Adsense Policy Warning Notices

Back in the old days of Adsense, if you violated any rules, you got an email that said something to the effect of “After reviewing your account we have determined that your account poses a risk of invalid activity.. Yada, yada, yada, you’re banned”.

But these days the Adsense team seems to be taking a kinder, gentler route with some violations.  Maybe because of the results of the survey they send to publishers, of which one of the questions is “how trustworthy is Adsense” and other questions that I’m guessing got very low scores. Or, maybe it’s from the lawsuits. No matter the reason, it seems that the Adsense team is kicking off 2016 (or maybe they’ve been doing it longer) with warnings for some policy violations.

In the last month, I’ve received warnings for two of my websites.  I got the notices via email and as a pop-up notice (impossible to miss) in my Adsense dashboard.  The reads (in part) like this:


This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.

The email explained the violations, generic ways to resolve them, steps I needed to take, and reminded me it’s my responsibility to check my site, etc.  Overall a fairly friendly warning.

Upon logging into my Adsense Dashboard, there was a big red notice alerting me to the issue as well. Clicking the notice took me to the Policy Violations section which gave more information about the problem and has a button next to it allowing me to “mark as resolved”.  Once marked as resolved, it stays listed as a “Previous non-compliance” issue – meaning there is a record of all violations.  Adsense violation warning in the dashboard marked as resolved

In my case the violations were basically “too many ads above the fold” or using large ad units above the fold on a mobile theme and were (kinda) easily fixed.  A quick Google search shows a huge amount of other bloggers and webmasters have also received this same type of warning in the last 6 months or so, so it looks like the Adsense team is cracking down on this type of violations but are also giving publishers fair-warning to resolve the issue.

I expect that publishers will start to see more of these kinder, gentler warnings from the Adsense team for more types of violations in the near future.