( – The worst internet idea ever

Have you heard of the new startup, ( (aka in Los Angeles is a new service that has only been online for a few months but if you listen to the radio (at least in Los Angeles) you’re probably already sick of the constant, non-stop commercials.

Image of a Fail stampBabblesphere’s big new (worst idea ever) idea is.. Wait for it.. internet Voicemail (of course they don’t call it that) “for the social network“. I don’t think they mean “The Social Network” the movie, so they must be referring to all social networks as a whole.

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The Advertising That Keeps On Giving

Billy Gibby AKA Billy The Billboard, now legally known as “” was on the TV Show The Doctors today.  
Watch closely at the 38 second mark:


Billy was also on ABC’s 20/20 in October, but they had the nerve to skip over our tattoo and they blurred-out most of the others:

Conservatives are 600% more angry than Liberals

Republicans are more angry than Democrats in 2012Let me start by stating that this is not a political blog and I’m not much of a political person – but I find this so interesting I wanted to share it. If you are sick and tired of “political season” (I don’t blame you), you should probably just stop reading now.  On the other hand, if you want to find a group of very motivated people on Facebook, you better keep reading.

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