Tips To Guarantee Failure As A Blogger Or Webmaster

These tips have been collected by observing the methods of various bloggers and webmasters from around the globe. I think (and ohh Jeebus I hope!) that by reading these tips we can all learn something… Especially them.

Getting started:

  • Decide what topic or ‘micro niche’ you are going to grow your internet empire on. It will be helpful to visit several online webmaster forums and post the question “What is the best paying topic and keywords for a new website?” in as many off-topic places that you can find.
  • Find the cheapest, slowest web host that you can. Since you can hardly speak a word of English you will obviously be targeting visitors in the United States, so it is best to find a web host located in the “datacenter”┬ábasement of a restaurant in a 3rd world country (that one across the street from your favorite Tea Shop/Internet Cafe should do just fine).
  • Carefully choose your domain name. The name should be grammatically incorrect and copied from a successful website in your same niche but with a special twist. For example: iphone-infos Continue reading