Success! Getting Money Back From Paypal

Another Paypal success story, as a followup to Rand’s post from 2008 here: How I Got My Money Back From Paypal.

I was able to get my money back from Paypal after losing an unauthorized purchase dispute. I had two charges come through my Paypal account that triggered an automatic withdraw from my bank account since there wasn’t any money in my Paypal. My bank account was the first backup funding source. My bank would not dispute the charges because it was not a charge made on my debit card using the “credit” feature. Only debit card purchases made with the “credit” feature are covered by fraud protection. All other transactions, you are just out of luck. Not sure if this is true for all banks, but it is for Bank of America. I’ve always known about using the “credit” Continue reading

Another Paypal Customer Gets His Money Back

You may recall a few years back Paypal put a six-month hold on $5,000 of mine for no reason, and with no recourse for me other than to bend over and take it.  Phone calls to Paypal support were met with inaccurate information, lies, and a general run-around.  It was only after threatening Paypal with legal action that they called me, apologized, and released all of my money.  For my entire story, see this post: How to get your money back from Paypal .

That post about how I got my money back from Paypal, posted way back in 2008 still gets more search traffic than Continue reading