Mailbag! Adsense Questions

I haven’t made a “mailbag” post since.. Forever.  So to get back into the swing of it, I have made a video answering the three most common Adsense questions that I get.  If you’re an Adsense expert, move along – these are all basic/beginner questions.

March 2013 Online Earnings Report

This is my first online earnings report in almost two years, and I also discuss how I deal with paying taxes on my Adsense and other income, at the end of the video.


  • At 2:17 I quoted my number of “visits” as “unique visitors”.  The actual number of unique visitors was 270,047, as depicted in the graphic.
  • At 2:26 I said the number of page views in February was 254.  The actual number of page views for February was 354,795.


Do You Trust Those Adsense Experts?

Just a quick PSA about scammers and phonies hawking ebooks and Adsense “systems”.

If you are like me, especially when I first started using Adsense on my websites, you’ve probably run into a lot of Adsense “experts” in online forums, blogs, etc.  Many of these Adsense “experts” will prove that they know what they are talking about by posting a screenshot of their Continue reading