Amazon VS Youtube – Actually Making Money With Amazon Videos!

I’ve been making videos on Youtube for a few years now. Most of these are regular “youtube type” videos, but with what I think is higher quality than most videos in my niche.

In 2017 I started a series of 8 Youtube videos with much better, almost television quality production. Since these were higher quality videos I decided to put them on Amazon Video Direct, and make them free to all Amazon Prime members (as opposed to selling the series). I wanted to compare how these videos would do on Amazon VS Youtube, both in views and earnings. Because I wasn’t sure how much of an audience there is on Amazon I didn’t have high hopes.

These are my results for January (2019). Keep in mind that only 4 of the 8 episodes were available on Amazon Prime Video for the first 28 days of January. The remaining 4 episodes did not go live until Jan 28. So basically, these Amazon stats reflect views and earnings for only half of my 8-video series for most of the month.

Youtube Views
Amazon views – Twice as many as on Youtube – all organic
Youtube Earnings $19.89
Amazon Earnings $172.99

I admit that I’m shocked by these numbers – Amazon is performing far better than I could have imagined..

TLDR; Amazon Video is generating far more income than the exact same videos on Youtube.