Guest Post: Any publicity is good!

Since this is the internet and we’re fighting for survival here – if a site mentions something about your website, whether its good or bad, it’ll help you in the long run.  Because even if someone says something negative about your website – people will want to flock to your website to see why they’re talking bad about it.  Which means, its like someone giving a bad review on a new game that has implemented similar features of another game.   So, people would say that the game is a copy-cat of the other one, even though it has unique content that the other game doesn’t has to offer.

So, do you think negative publicity is good? Even if the publicity has the chance to tarnish your site’s reputation? Well, then that I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t please everybody – people have different views on different subjects, and thus, they’re going to argue their point about if a website is bad, or if a website is good.

Do you think its wrong for webmasters to scheme this tactic, or is it a good way of marketing?

A publicity stunt can be done in many ways – such as, coming up with something that isn’t true,  sparking viral discussion from others, but then again, that’s what we call rumors – and those usually circulate among the internet these days.

How do you think publicity plays in the form of a website? Do you think receiving bad publicity can break a website, or do you think bad publicity can indeed spark more interest in a website? Let’s discuss the various ways publicity can work in your favor, how it can’t, and it shouldn’t be done.

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