Another Paypal Customer Gets His Money Back

You may recall a few years back Paypal put a six-month hold on $5,000 of mine for no reason, and with no recourse for me other than to bend over and take it.  Phone calls to Paypal support were met with inaccurate information, lies, and a general run-around.  It was only after threatening Paypal with legal action that they called me, apologized, and released all of my money.  For my entire story, see this post: How to get your money back from Paypal .

That post about how I got my money back from Paypal, posted way back in 2008 still gets more search traffic than Continue reading

Who Wants To Help Sue PayPal ?!

Thanks to Damian for posting this..  Dont miss your opportunity to get in on the fun and excitement of a Class Action Lawsuit against PayPal:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding PayPal. We recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of people who have had money held by PayPal without justification. I have attached a copy of that complaint for your review. I would like to get some background information from you to add you to our database:

1) What is your address and phone number?
2) How long and how frequent have you been using paypal as a seller?
3) When did Paypal first start holding funds?
4) Are they still holding funds?
5) How much money is being held?
6) Did Paypal say how long they will hold the funds for and/or why they are holding funds?
7) Do you have any emails or messages from Paypal regarding the hold on your account that you can send us?
8 ) Before PayPal started holding your funds, did you have any complaints filed against you/what was your “rating” (e.g. top seller, 99% positive feedback, etc)?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any additional questions.

Vincent Francone
Legal Assistant
111 West Washington Street
Suite 1331
Chicago, IL 60602

Toll Free: 866-779-9610
Firm Phone: 312-220-0000
Firm Fax: 312-220-7777

I would join-in, but PayPal already returned my money after i threatened action. But for those weren’t helped by my letter to Paypal, this might be your only option.

You can read the actual complaint/proposal for class action filed in United States District Court Northern District of California, San Jose, CA here: Paypal Class Action Complain PDF